How to get Arduino running on OSD board?

Hello !

I want to get Arduino bootloader and environment running on the EPI OSD board so that I can use the Arduino environment to develop applications.

The EPI-OSD board (video overlay board) has been successfully programmed with a FTDI USB to serial interface.

Board specs:

MEGA 162 CPU MAX 7456 OSD chip TXD and RXD lines on CPU accessible on header pin and available ISP available: MISO, MOSI, SCK and TXD0 available CPU reset triggerable and accessible on header pin

Question: what steps should I follow to get Arduino bootloader and environment up and running so that I can use it with the EPI OSD board?

What would your recommended procedure be to get Ardunio env. running so that I can use ut with the EPI-OSD? I am new to Arduino environment, but have many years C and embedded experience. I want to write my own OSD software for specific needs in my RC plane hobby that other OSD implementations does not adress.


By the way, here are the links:

EPI OSD Schematics:

USB Prog schematics: