How to get data from a mini logger?

Hey guys, this is my first post.
I have a mini CO2 logger module (senseair k33 elg co2 sensor), which I want to use for long term co2 measurement on a lake. However, the module is usually used via a USB connection to a PC, but I want it to work cost efficient with arduino. I found in previous posts that people were able to read the co2 concentration from the sensor using the analog signal and arduino, but I actually need all the modules measurements, including temperature and rel. air humidity. I know, that the module has a UART terminal.
Does someone know how I can communicate with the module using an arduino to set up an long term data logger?

I know, that the module has a UART terminal.

Can you provide the datasheet for the module that shows this, along with the datasheet showing the protocol.

There is the specification, which includes the terminal description.

Manual_SE_20_25_26_27_Revised8(1).pdf (662 KB)

There should be no problem connecting a 3.3V Arduino directly to the sensor, either via the UART or I2C connections. To connect a 5V Arduino, use a 5V to 3.3V logical level shifter.

To learn how to read the data, you will need to download and study the additional documentation describing the details of the UART or I2C communications protocols, mentioned in the manual you linked.

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