I would like to know if simultaneous working of two accelerometers (ADXL 345) is possible in arduino Nano Using SPI Communication. I have given same SCL,SDO,SDI connections and different chip selects for the two sensors. The sampling rate of adxl is 3.2Khz .can i toggle between the two sensors and collect data?

ADXL345.pdf (855 KB)

I might be totally wrong and my english might have suvvered over the years but the "select" in "chip select"could possibly give a hint that the "chip select" is actually used to "select" the "chip". It might also be taht "chip" in this case does refer to "potatoe chip", but giving the excelent reference you posted I lean twards the meaning of "little black critter made of platic with shiny metallich legs". Again, I might me totally wrong on this and "chip select" is a hint for user to use a diffrent brand of cips.

I think OP realises the cunningly named chip select pin is for selecting the right chip, but might have been wondering if switching between spi devices is fast enough so as to not lose data.

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We have someone else asking a similar question, is this a school/university project?

Why do you need to read 2 accelerometers, what is the application?

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