how to get karrma

i was wondering how to get karrma on the arduino website (a higher rank)?

There are no ranks over here. There are members, moderators that keep order on the forum and administrators that are to be seen as the technical staff.

Karma is awarded by other members, most of the time because you did or said something that an other member liked. They can give you karma by clicking the green + sign next to your name. So if you like to have some more karma, you have to earn it. You cannot demand karma so if you are being a good member that posts helpful messages but no one cares to give you karma for that, so be it. It is nice to be recognised for your work, but if there is no karma awarded to someone that doens't mean their contributions are less worth or anything. If someone has tons of karma, that might suggest they are giving a lot of useful answers, but it doesn't mean their answer is alway absolutely better than someone else's answer.

The colored stars and "member type" are related to number of posts. It doesn't matter what quality those posts are, the post count sets this automatically.