How to get pins 44-46 and timer 5 working on Mega


Having trouble understanding how to get PWM working on pins 44-46 for the Arduino Mega 2560.

From other online sources, it looks like timer 5 has to be fiddled with in order to get it to work.

Would be nice to have them working from the onset, but for now, how do we get them to PWM?

Have you tried analogWrite()? It should work on 44-46 (as long as you are using Arduino 0015 or later).

Sorry for being slow to respond, kind of a crazy week.

In any event, thanks for your response.

It looks like it's working when I use the arduino software itself, but I'm trying to use processing to control the arduino for various reasons (one is it's uploading data to a dropbox, and doing stuff on the computer).

When I use processing:


All the lights except for the ones connected to 44-46 work. I don't think it's inherently my processing code because I've tested each light with different pins, and each light will do as it's told so long as it is connected to pins 2-13.

It might be relevant to note that I'm trying to use almost all the PWM pins, so currently, I have pins 2-13 connected to LEDs, and want to connect either 44,45, or 46 to one more LED. I don't know if maybe I can't connect that many things at once and I'm overloading it (but when I use arduino software it seems to work-- I can turn on all the LEDs at the same time, so I can't wrap my mind around that being the answer).

Which sketch do you use on the Arduino, to communicate with Processing? It may use the timers, related to pins 44-46, for other functions.

What if you write a Processing program to light the LEDs on the 44-46 pins only?

What version of Firmata are you loading on the Arduino? It looks like File->Examples->Firmata->StandardFirmata will allow PWM on any of the 70 MEGA pins.