How to get real-time feedback when controlling relays manually

I am using Arduino IoT cloud and ESP8266 board for an Alexa Home Automation project. In this project, I can control relays with Alexa and manual switch.

But when I am controlling the relays manually from the switch, I can not update the real-time status to Arduino IoT cloud from ESP8266 board.

Can anyone help me with this?

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it's common to use a 2nd relay contact to indicate the state of the relay to some other device. (yes, you need a double pole relay)

Hi @techstudycell_projects
can you post the schematic of your project?

RV mineirin

Your microcontroller can detect voltage on IO-pins.
If you have a wifi-connection this offers sending data over WiFi.
I'm not familiar with Alexa. I will NEVER use it. But I guess alexa has a lot of Interfaces

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You could “manually” operate the relays via digital inputs , then you 8266 will know the status of the relays.

I’ve never tried sending stuff back to Alex’s only the other way around - there is stuff on the internet for this , possibly the easiest way is to fool Alexa into thinking you have some commercial device that already has the skills set made .

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