How to get rid of this mega annoying pop up?

It has no option to close it, it’s blocking the further browsing so you have no choice but click on it. Arduino, you can do better than this rubbish!

When and where are you seeing this ?

Happens randomly when I go to arduino site. And I go often so the chance this thing popping up is high.

It looks like you are using an iPhone. I got a similar pop-up on my iPhone but it had an 'x' for closing the dialog near the top right corner.

There wasn’t. the X you see on the screenshot is the website menu, I couldn’t click on that either as pop up was blocking

I just re-tried with the Chrome browser. I got the same pop-up you did but mine had a graphic above the text and had an 'x' inside the box for closing it.

yes I’ve seen this one before, and yes it indeed had x to close it. Thinking about it, it could be the same pop up that failed to load properly

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