How to get RSSI from Bridgeclient

Hi all:

Some Arduino Yun boards are far from wifi router, and the RSSI(Received Signal Strength Indicator) value is variant.
I'd like to get the RSSI value from Bridge Client.
Can somebody give me a hand?

Take a look at the WiFi Status Example. It uses a Process object to run a Lua script on the Linux side. That script returns a bunch of WiFi status information, and I believe one of them is signal strength. You could use the Lua script as-is and parse out just want you're interested in, or you could use it as a basis for writing a custom script that returns just the data you want, in a format that's easy to parse (as opposed to the "pretty" human-readable format used by the example script.)

Thanks for your help. I can now get the wifi status from lua script.

step1: Modify /usr/bin/pretty-wifi-info.lua and save as /usr/bin/wifi-info.lua


local info = collect_wifi_info()
if info.quality then
  print( info.quality)

step2: chmod 755 /usr/bin/wifi-info.lua

step3: In the sketch, add #include <Bridge.h> and make a function to parse data

String wifiquality (){
  Process wifiCheck;  // initialize a new process
  wifiCheck.runShellCommand("/usr/bin/wifi-info.lua");  // command you want to run
  String parse = "";
   while (wifiCheck.available() > 0) {
    parse = parse + String(char(;
  return parse;

Then, wifiquality () will get the WIFI Quality as String.