How to get scrolling text in LCD ?


when I try to put the below for loop inside loop function , the text being displayed gets garbled,

for (int j = 10; j >= 0; j = j - 1) { lcd.setCursor(j, 0); delay(200); lcd.print("Altitude: "); lcd.print(ALTITUDE * 3.28084, 0); lcd.print(" feet"); } but if I remove the call to delay function it goes instantly and I don't notice text scrolling from right to left.

Where are the characters that do not fit on the screen are sent to ?

What happens if you position the cursor at say 10, 0 and print your text and data, for instance ?

Rather than trying to do something fancy like scroll, it might just be better to abbreviate your text so it all fits.

char buf[25];
sprintf(buf, "Altitude:%5ldft", ((((long)ALTITUDE)*10000L)/3048L));