How to get signal strength to show on LCD, SIM900 project

Hi Everyone,

I’m starting a new project with a SIM 900 board and the first thing I’ve been trying todo is to get the SIM 900 to display the signal strength on a 16 X 2 LCD.

I’ve been successful in seeing the signal strength through the Serial Monitor by using the AT command AT+CSQ,

All I need is to get AT+CSQ into the eeprom or a variable so I can extract the integer.

Please can someone help me,

Please see attached sketch with the TEST command, I’ve tried using gsm.SimpleWriteln("AT+CSQ") as a variable but no luck it won’t compile,

There simply must be away :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

GSM_GPRSLibrary_AT.ino (2.44 KB)