How to get started

Hi All I would like to start out in the world of Arduino if any member has time I would appreciate what type of board is best to start with Thanks oldspark

Uno R3. There are just more resources for learning with the Uno.

The best option in my opinion is to get a starter kit with the Uno included.

At least you have something to play with (make different things) and to practice.

A lot depends on your budget. Terry King, who is a contributor here from time-to-time, sells via his company, Yourduino. I like his Uno clone, Robo Red, as it brings the pins out to convenient header pins. You can see it and his starter kit here.

I have no financial interest in Terry's company.

I started out with an Arduino Uno R3 board as well. Like others have said, it's got the most resources, and it tends to be the most "beginner friendly", but will also be enough for many more advanced projects.

Do try to get the version with the removable Atmega328P-PU on it. Because once you've moved beyond your first basic circuits and feel like taking on bigger projects, it will give you more flexibility. Also, if you wire something up the wrong way (which is a common beginner's mistake) and fry the chip, a replacement 328P-PU will only cost you between $2 and $4.

If a starter kit will be useful to you depends, among other things, on your knowledge of electronics and programming so far, and simply on how you want to go about it. After buying my Uno board, I just got some simple beginner's projects off the Internet and then went to my local electronics store to get all the small parts that were needed, and "learned Arduino" that way.