How to get the best from this forum feedback and comments

Yes and yes. I am a native speaker and that is the topic I am going to translate.

Good :slight_smile:
This one: How to get the best out of this forum
Nick Gammon's was the original, mine is the current version (and all respect to Nick for what he did!)

Please explain how this will be done.

Are you going to put all the translations in the How to get the best out of this forum topic?

From this statement by @deytron:

I guessed that the proposal was to put a translated copy of the How to get the best out of this forum content in a dedicated topic in the Deutsch forum category. Since Nick Gammon's topic in the Deutsch category has been converted into a simple redirect to How to get the best out of this forum and likely has a lot of backlinks, it seemed the most appropriate dedicated topic.

That would make sense, the French or Italian forum for example do so with stickies that are often referred to

The existing topic I mentioned is a sticky (AKA "pinned" in Discourse jargon).

I've invited you to the private discussion between @deytron and me.

I would not think that was a good idea! My thinking is the German version should replace the English version on the German forum, similarly if anyone does translations into other languages.

What do you think?

100% aligned. that's where it needs to be

Please post a link to the topic.

I think it's fine, but I was confused because when I asked which topic we were talking about you linked to this one:

I think as @deytron is a German speaker and it's for his section of the forum I'll accept his advice on which version is best.

What do you mean by "version"?

I think there are 2 different how to get the best topics, Nick Gammon's and mine, I think @deytron is going with Nicks, that seems to be your view too.

No, it's not my view. Nick's guide contains information specific to the old forum.

Please take a second to look at the topic I have been referring to:

ballscew edited it to point to your How to get the best out of this forum topic last spring. The only thing that remains of the original forum guidelines on that topic is an obsolete screenshot.

The French forum as well as the Italian or Spanish have their own version - somewhat different.

I think it has to match expectations from the German moderator and frequent helpers in German language so it's probably OK if it's not a translation but an adaptation of what's expected if you post in the German forum.

For example in the Italian forum it is mandatory to introduce yourself before posting a question and the moderator will ensure this is enforced before anyone even tries to answer.

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I am confused. The link is to Nick's forum instructions, which contains a link to mine. I'm not sure I see the point of that, unless I am missing something obvious.

We can talk about this more once someone is able to present a detailed and specific proposal. Right now it doesn't seem like a productive use of my time.

As I am quite new in the forum I plan just to make a translation and not to implement countryspecific rules.

I have seen that back link too and don't see the point of it anymore.
One of the canned replies had been altered to the old one so I changed it back !

Consider Nicks links to be now obsolete due to thier age and the fact that we moved to a new software.

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The advertising for Eagle could have been saved. Which private person buys Eagle? KiCad is okay because it is free and open source. There is also a small free version of Target 3001. Otherwise you would have to list all the software that is available.

By the way, the last section "Feedback" is misleading. You think that you should answer directly there and then you are not allowed to. The link here is too small.

Without links to other pages you can't explain anything properly. One must not copy everything what goes. The contribution otherwise takes inhuman proportions.

Personally I use KiCAD, but from the posts I have read by others it seems clear that Eagle is also popular, which is why I mentioned it. Advertising of commercial products is not banned on here as long as it is in context, by which I mean clearly related to a relevant discussion and not just put here for the sake of advertising.

As for the link, whatever I call it someone will consider it could be better.

It's not necessary to pay. The no cost version has been limited and the latest versions require you to have an Autodesk account (which is doesn't cost anything). I end up using Eagle regularly because the open official Arduino board designs were made in Eagle and so I use Eagle to open them when I need to refer to the board design to answer a question here. I know that KiCad also can open Eagle designs, but I have found that sometimes the results are not quite perfect.

KiCad is awesome. It is always my EDA software of choice for starting a project from scratch or making a recommendation.

I don't think so. Sure there are a ton of other more obscure options for free EDA software, but 90% of the target audience will use KiCad or Eagle so it's sufficient to mention those two.

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