how to get the desired number from a string received through software serial

my aim was send a reply to the number which i received the sms from. so i was using sim900A and aurdino uno .using pins 9 and 10 and using software serial i was able to receive the sms( there is a screenshot of the received sms ).now their was a problem in sending the reply sms to the same phone number i am not able to store the phone number and reply .just look into the code and screenshot hope these helps.

onlysending_of_whole_code.txt (1.5 KB)

“here is the problem…:”
…and it is that you read one char only. Make a loop to read the entire message

there is a screenshot of the received sms

Why would you post a picture of text?

read through this about Serial Input Basics... it has helped a lot of folks understand and get data from a serial stream

Please read #7 below:,148850.0.html