How to get the number selected by Encoder?

Any clue to accomplish the picture shown function to pick a characters and circle it?
Thanks for help.

Do you have the documentation on what is in the picture. 4 lines do not make a circle.

What display?

What display and/or graphics libraries are you using?

I don't have more information than this link, which given a code link that is not a full code.

First draw the numbers and symbols on the screen, remembering where they are.

Second, get a number from the encoder, corresponding to a selected position on the screen.

Third, draw a box around the selected position on the screen. If the encoder is activated, redraw the box elsewhere.

Finally, when a button is pressed or other "select" input is satisfied, store the selected
location/number/symbol for other actions.

Most people mentally divide the screen up into rectangular regions that act like a keypad.

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Thank you.

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