How to go about hooking up an INA219 with an FPGA like the iCEstick

Not really sure how to go about measuring the power consumption of the iCEstick FPGA using the INA219. I don't know what proper setup would allow the INA219 to even be able to monitor the iCEstick.

Take some time and search in the WWW for an INA219 AN.

I'm looking at the documentation for both the iCEstick and the INA219 and I'm not understanding the wiring connection between them to be honest when compared to just wiring a resistor to the INA219

First, what is your goal (besides reading power)?

Is this a real time observation or a measure once (perhaps once every different configuration).

Is your power from USB?

How accurate do you need it? (if you say "as accurate as possible", that is not an answer)

What range of current do you expect?

The goal is just to track the power consumption of the iCEstick
It takes the measure of power consumption over the span of two minutes and tracks it
I'm planning on powering it through the I/O pins (hopefully) so that it shouldn't need to be powered by the USB
I would hope for it to be accurate within 0.1 mA
I expect the range to be from 0 to 100 mA

Looking at the specification I would suggest you connect the INA219 as shown in Figure 14. Rshunt = 2.5 ohms and PGA = 4.

Thanks for the help!

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