How to hardware reset ATMEGA328 ?


I need to reset ATMEGA328, when you combine the reset pin to the ground so nothing happens, I need to reset the same as on the Arduino program to be started again.

I connect RESET pin to GND - nothing.

Then you do simply something wrong or you managed to set the fuses to have no reset.

And why do you need to reset it? There are barely reasons to do so...

I presume you only connected it to ground temporarily... While low the chip is held in a low power state, it starts running again when the reset pin is released. The reset pin may need a pull-up resistor in an noisy environment to strengthen the internal pullup, suggest 4k7 for that.

I gave 4k7 but still can not restart the program.

Maybe give us some details?

Does it just keeps running? Stand alone IC? Bootloader? Did you burn fuses? If yes, which?

And of course, why do you want to...

I need to be able to perform the same function as the Reset button on the Arduino. I'm AU-ATmega328P. Fuse is set to:

CF - Lock FF - Fuse low DE - Fuse High 05 - Fuse ext.

Sorry, I'm out. Only answering the easy questions is not how it works...