How to have arduino send low signal to pin for x amount of time

I have been trying to connect an RC car that will perform functions based on the serial monitor data. That being said I have figured out how to make the car move based on an IF statement. My question is…

When I upload the code and let it perform the IF statement (which sends a LOW signal to either the pin to make the RC car move forward or backward) I want this action to happen for maybe 3 seconds and then check the IF statement again to determine which pin to send the low signal to. I have looked at the Arduino help docs and have seen delay, but I dont think I need that. I need some way to make the car only perform the function within the appropriate IF statement for 3 seconds, then check again.

Psuedo Code of what I want to do:

#define Forward = 2
#define Backward = 8

void setup() {

void loop() {
     if (dataFigure > 50) {
         digitalWrite(Forward, LOW);
         digitalWrite(Backward, HIGH);

     *PerformActionFor = 3 seconds;

     *CheckIFstatementAgain = True;
     if (dataFigure < 50) {
         digitalWrite(Forward, HIGH);
         digitalWrite(Backward, LOW);

     *PerformActionFor = 3 seconds;

     *CheckIFstatementAgain = True;

Thank you guys for your help, this community is so awesome.

Look at the Blink Without Delay example. Instead of blinking an LED you'll be checking your if statement. But the structure of recording the last time you did something and checking to see how long it has been since then will be the same.

Gave up on the first thread?

PaulS - No sir I took your advice and was able to figure it out so thank you very much. Only took all night but hey I'll take it. I just figured it would be best to start a specific thread to the topic rather than losing it in the comments.

Delta_G - Thank you my friend, I will tinker with that and come back with results.