How to have arduino "talk" with another program on PC

Hi there,

I am working on developing a device that will implement an Arduino to sort mice in a lab. The sorter will connect a home cage ~5 mice to a testing chamber. The testing chamber is controlled by a software program called Med PC: . When a mouse enters the sorter I would like for the sorter to initiate the Med PC program to start. When the mouse exits the chamber and goes into the sorter I would like for the sorter to tell Med PC to stop running. Wondering if anyone could help me out on how to achieve this?


Does your MedPC program have an option to communicate using the serial port of the PC?


I do believe so yes, but will need to double check. One idea that has come from someone was to use the arduino micro to create a keyboard emulator and then use a macro program to turn MedPC on and off.