how to have multi rfid rc522 reader with arduino uno, lcd and leds

Hi everyone! i am new in coding for arduino. I need some help with the project i'm working on. my project is a object tracking by using the rfid rc522 for inventory system. so i need to have multi reader in this project. i would like to have 4 reder that will work at the same time.
this is how i want my project to work:

  1. there is going to be 3 or 4 reader rc522, 1 i2s lec and leds.
  2. one rfid tag will be use as the master card. the master card have the ability to add or remove card.
  3. when 1 tag is tapped on 1 reader, the card quantity at the reader that it tapped will increase. example when we tap the tag at reader1, reader1 will add 1 card into its memory.

this coding is similar but i like to upgrade it to multiple reader. thanks in advance and stay safe!