how to have multiple connecting to an IP Address simultaneously WiFiServer()

I have some code like this...

WiFiServer server(80);
WiFiClient client_1 = server.available();

I have a lot of other code that is not necessary to show but basically this creates an IP Address and sends data to it. This is great and works fine. I can access it but going to the ip address on any device. However, I cannot have 2 devices trying to access it at the same time. I am not an expert in http protocols so there is probably a simple solution here. I basically have 2 separate apps trying to pull data from the same ip address at the same time and it only ever allow one to enter. How can I achieve this?

Try this link, it may help. 4.4. Parallel Connections - HTTP: The Definitive Guide [Book] I think the best way would to use sockets. This link will explain a lot. networking - How can a web server handle multiple user's incoming requests at a time on a single port (80)? - Stack Overflow Me being a bit lazy am giving you the lilnks rather then copy and past a bunch of iformation. For what it is worth there are many examples that do just this. It will take some searching to find exactly what you need but it is out there.