How to Hook-up LCD

EDIT: I have since got this initially working using the SED1520 config file and the Arduino GLCD Library.

I thought this would have been a common issue, but I searched the site and didnt find anything; I'm sorry if I'm reposting this.

Anyway, I went the cheap route and bought this. I found the pinout and I'm able to correctly, I think, hook it up.

My problem comes when I want to use it; quite simply I don't know how. I tried the LCD library on a whim and had no luck. Thanks for any help.

The LCD library included with the Arduino is for character LCDs (HD44780 based); what you have is a graphical LCD. Furthermore, it doesn't use what is akin to the "standard" graphical LCD chipset, the KS0108 (which a lot of GLCDs use).

We could help you more if you posted some clear images of the chipset on your LCD (if visible), so we know what we are looking for, etc; the link you gave was kinda ambiguous on details about the chipset, saying "This item is a 122x32 graphic LCD screen based on NJU6450 or similar driving chips." - the words "similar driving chips" is what worries me; so I have to base the following on the "NJU6450"...

Let's see...

You might try to contact this guy - he's got a similar display working with an ATMega32:

You can also find the datasheet for the NJU6450 chipset here:

Between that datasheet (and I am basing that it is using the NJU6450 chipset on the description at the link you provided) and the details in your link - there should be enough information there for you to hook it up, and write your own driver; provided that is the actual chipset (or a clone of the chipset) your GLCD is using, of course...

There's also this - which you may be able to use/convert:

See also:

Apparently that library support the KS0108 as well...

You may also find something here, in the "Graphic LCD" section (I looked at it quickly - I didn't see anything, but then I don't have the actual LCD in hand):

I hope this helps - good luck, and if you get something working, post it in the playground for others!


I should google the data sheet for the WGM-12232, it isn’t a standard resolution… You may find that you have to use some programming skills to alter the GLCD Lib, the data sheet should have 8 data pins, d0-7 and a set of chip select pins, CSA CSB or CS0/1 an RW E and DS/RI pins. Then power and contrast pins, if you see VEE on the data sheet that should go to pin 3 of a 10K pot, GNd to Pin 1 and Contrast In goes to the middle (2). That’s all I can suggest, other than a 1K resistor on the reset pin perhaps.

I had similar problems with my GLCD. You'd be better off posting questions like this in the Hardware interfacing forum, as opposed to software.

For anyone who's reading this with the same issue as me, I emailed the manufacturer and they responded with this.

Im not sure why this isn't posted on their website, but whatever.

Good luck!


I have this card and can run a 16x4 display (Hitachi LM044L) with the example program "Hello World!". Turns out I bought a new Displaytech 202B, but not getting anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks.