How to identify 1.8" LCD display?

Hi guys, I have two different types of 1.8" LCD right in front of me. One works like a charm, but the other one I'm unable to drive. As there is no datasheet or further description, I don't know what to search for.

Maybe anybody of you has this one working?



That looks bad. It's a seller from China who has used some translation program to make his offer in German words, but that's about all, because you can't say these are sentences in German. There's absolutely no hints to the pinout let alone any way of how to drive it. Only chance you've got i'd say is to mail that seller and pray for a decent answer if any at all.

You shouldn't expect too much effort for a total of 52 euro's of merchandise from him.

Do you have any photo's to upload, showing both sides of the PCB and any text on it ?

Looks like with ST7735S

Connection/code hints: Pixels graphics library:

ZXFR you're right, seems to be exactly this display. But on the website you linked there is no word about the "A0" pin. And the UTFT-lib from the youtube-clip doesn'T exist annymore afaik.