how to Identify pulse

I'm checking pulse in CRO monitor(615 milliseconds duration), but below code output is zero.

What is a CRO monitor?

You have completly ignored the information in the previous posting about pulseIn() requiring digital signal levels. It is completely inappropriate for the signals you have.

int s1 = analogRead(A3); //digital values 0-1023
  duration = pulseIn(s1, HIGH);

pulseIn() takes a pin number as the first parameter.

I hate to say it, but given this thread so far, and you efforts at using pulseIn(), I do not think you have enough understanding of the Arduino, your sensor, or basic electronics to solve your problem.

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There is no mention of output pulse but this sensor is used for measuring the pulse(on Hand).

What are you trying to get?
The heart rate from a pressure sensor?

How have you got it positioned on the hand?
Usually you use an infrared detector fitted to a finger.

The automatic blood pressure meters read the pressure in an inflated cuff around the arm.
Can you post a picture of how you are using the pressure sensor?

Tom… :slight_smile:

OP might still be using that MPX2053 sensor, without instrumentation amp.
In which case all data/graphs are useless.

Hello Sir,

I have a real time data, i want to differentiate pulse and non pulse from real time data.
or Atleast i have to find out the single pulse duration.

Please help me with reference code.

What do you mean by a non-pulse? If the definition of a pulse is a signal that maintains a level change for a prescribed period of time, then would a non-pulse be a level change that did not satisfy the criteria? Similar to de-bouncing a switch?

There is no mention of output pulse but this sensor is used for measuring the pulse(on Hand).
Since the Pulse has a high time and low time, I need to identify the pulse by using the high time and low time as a differentiation between a pulse and noise.


PulseIn() this will use to identify whether it's a pulse or not?

If Yes, please help me with reference example.

We need some more info.... what sensor you using, any additional circuitry you using with it and how everything is wire up to your arduino?

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