How to identify SMD Components // Need help identifing MOSFET on FRF3 board.

This question might be a little bit off-topic, but i don't know any other place i could get help from.
RCGroups really wasn't helpful.

I need help identifying a smd sot23 Mosfet on a brushed flight controller board.
Those big smd component number lists haven't helped.
Here's my original post to rcgroups:

I just got a broken FRF3 board. one of the MOSFET's is missing.
I want to replace this mosfet, but im struggling to find any information on the mosfet to purchase a suitable replacement.

Here's the Info i have:

Board name: FRF3_EVO_Brush // SMD-Soldered connectors.

Mosfet Package: seems like SOT23, but measured 2.9*1.8mm instead of 2.9 * 1.3mm could be up to measuring error, though.

Labelling: A08K with two threes above each other on the right side of the name, so maybe A08K33 ?

Type: This site indicates I am dealing with "NMOS transistors", so probably N-Channel MOSFETs, upto 10A

i would be very pleased if someone could identify this mosfet or even just provide the part number for a suitable replacement for an FRF3 board.

Well the processor on that board is probably running at 3.3V (maybe lower), so you know you need
logic-level n-MOSFET capable or running from 3.3V gate voltage and handling 10A. A parametric
search at a component suppliers website is the way to find suitable candidates.