How to implement a Voice controlled, Music syned LED strip

Hi All, So for some context, I am a 1st year EEE student who has decided to get some practice in using micro controllers, so I have completed two projects so far; LED lighting that is controlled by amazon echo using a Particle Photon, an IR LED emitter; and then making a Music synced LED strip using an Arduino Uno, and an electret microphone. And I wanted to mix both projects together for a Christmas Present for a friend, but I don't have the foggiest how to (unless im overlooking something major). I apologize if this is an easy question but I'm currently stumbling my way through this because we get onto micro controller programming next semester and I wanted to do these projects to get ahead.

Any suggestions on how to implement it would be extremely helpful.

Many Thanks

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I am not clear on your goal.

you have completed two project"

1) a device that takes signals from a Amazon ECHO

and by IR, it changes light patterns.

2) you have dancing lights that follow the sounds picked up from a microphone.

Can you give us more details of what you want to do ?