How to include a .h file that is inside of a library's utility folder?

The file in question is wl_definitions.h, which is inside the arduino sketchbook/libraries/wifi/utility/ folder. I am using some "original" wifi library, not the one included in newer IDE that require irreversible wifi shield firmware upgrade.

How do I include this file in my projects that don't use the wifi library? I'm creating multiple network options for a project. One option is arduino wifi shield, and another is digi xbee wifi module. I want to use the same definition in xbee wifi code to be consistent.

I should have done it in the past (a few years seem like forever) but I forgot what I did (maybe even prior to IDE 1.0).

Thank you!

This seemed to work:

//Get IDE to import library.
  #include <WiFi.h>
  #include <SPI.h>  //needed because the lib .cpp files are compiled.

//Include the file.
#include <utility/wl_definitions.h>

Thanks pyro! I'll give it a try once I get home. I only needed the .h file that includes some typedef and #define :)