how to include header and code files with .h and .c extensions


I have been working in C on some other compilers but I'm new to arduino trying to understand how to include header files, my main function (sketch) is unable to find it. my main file looks like this

Board: UNO
Description: test header files
Files: HeaderFiles.ino, LEDBlink.h, LEDBlink.c

#include "LEDBlink.h"
#include "Arduino.h"

void setup(){
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

void loop(){

I have header file on same path as below

// LEDBlink.h

#ifndef _LEDBLINK_H_
 #define _LEDBLINK_H_

 int blinkDelay;
 void DoLED();


LEDBlink Code file in same folder as below

#include "LEDBlink.h"
#include "Arduino.h"

void DoLED(){
   digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(12, LOW);

As I'm quite new to arduino I just wanted to start with .c files to make it simple. I believe it works.

Endless loop inside another endless loop, is kinda pointless.

In your .c file, get rid of the while loop.