How to include special libraries with .ino file?

How to include special libraries with .ino file?

Or how to override the prohect not to call to libaries from
C:\Users\flash_os\Documents\Arduino\libraries but from another location on my pc?

I’m interpreting your question as “How do I include a library that is stored in the sketch folder?”

There have been some recent changes in how to do this but with Arduino IDE 1.6.10 and 1.6.11 this is how you do it:

Lets say you have a sketch named foo and a library named bar. Your folder structure should look like this:


The include in your sketch would be:

#include "src/bar/bar.h"

This should cause the bar library included with your sketch to be used instead of the bar library installed at C:\Users\flash_os\Documents\Arduino\libraries\bar, however if the author of the bar library used the wrong include syntax(#include <bar.h> instead of #include “bar.h”) in the library this will cause problems and you will need to fix it.

Thank you.