how to incorporate an encoder & decoder RF link kit with my 433Mhz transmitter?

so I have a 433mhz transmitter & receiver that will be used for remote control purposes but I want to

expand the range, so therefore, I purchased a 2KM Long Range RF link kit with encoder and decoder (see

product link below) but I don't know how to set it up on my breadboard. I am a using 9V battery supply.

Is there something else I need to get the encoder/decoder be compatible with my transmitter/receiver?

Product link would probably help.

What you have bought is another transmitter and receiver which most likley has a PT2262 encoder chip on the transmitter and a PT2272 decoder chip on the receiver.
These chips transmit a 4 bit nibble so 4 of the pins on both boards will be the 4 data bits.
There will also be a transmit enable pin on the transmitter board so you pull this pin high usually to transmit the desired nibble and the receiver board will mimic the sent data nibble.