How to incorporate Gizduino Microcontroller with Mega 2560

Hi! I having having trouble how to change/save password in my project. I have read various tutorials how to access the EEPROM in order to read and write the data in Arduino but still I can’t get the right input. I am new in Arduino programming and my basic programming knowledge are earned tru forums and tutorials.

Lots of Thanks in advance and any quick response to this query would give SIGNIFICANT improvement to my project :slight_smile:

This is my partial code…

THESIS_Part1.ino (4.63 KB)


If you really are doing a thesis, paying attention to convention would be a good thing. By convention, all capital letter names are reserved for constants. Constants are NOT incremented.

camelCase for function names - NOT all capital letters.

but still I can't get the right input.

And, you've shown no code that writes to EEPROM, that reads from EEPROM, that shows that there is a problem.

If you want someone to write the code for you, get your wallet out and head over to Gigs and Collaboration. Male sure that person gets credit in your thesis.