How to increase voltage form 3.3v to 5/9v

Hi, Everyone
So, I've recently bought ESP32
but it It only supplies 3.3v but most of the components like Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Sensor, Micro Servo etc. need 5v supply so is there any way to increase voltage from 3.3v to 5v, but except Relay.
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Hi @b_s_s_srikar .

ESP32 does not supplies power, it receives power.

RV mineirin

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@ruilviana but it supplies power at output pins, such as Digital Pins

Not "power", "signal".
You shouldn't be using I/O pins to power anything directly.

Likewise, you shouldn't put 5V on a non-tolerant input pin.

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yeah, I'm sorry
I mean it supplies 3.3v,
So, How to increase this 3.3v to 5v
without using Relay

There are level shifter ICs that can be used for signals, but not power.
You may find that some 5V devices like ultrasound rangers can be triggered by 3.3V, but the echo signal will need a potential divider to bring the 5V down to a safe level

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@anon73444976 Yes,
But, Do you know any idea to increase voltage
if you know than please tell

google "step up converter"

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Just power the other devices from 5V.
Or get a boost converter

(Hint: where does the 3.3V come from?)

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It Comes from ESP32 positive terminal

...and before that?

Do you mean I should Power the components we a external battery
and only give the signal from ESP32?



Are Same

You can power the ESP32 with 5V on the 5V pin and use the same 5V power for your other 5V chips. The ESP has an on-board LDO to derive the 3.3V from the 5V input. Just take care of the following:

  • Don't ever connect the external 5V power if you connect the ESP32 with USB. The USB has its own 5V supply and may conflict with the external 5V supply. Worst case it may damage the USB port on the computer.
  • Limit the signal level on the ESP32 I/O pins to 3.3V using a voltage divider (2 resistors). If there is a risk that the voltage exceeds 3.3V (like inductive spikes from driving a relay), add a zener diode for protection.
  • If other chips require 5V signals from EP32, use a level shifter. ESP only outputs 3.3 V max. on an output pin. Some 5V chips may work with that (most will have a high level input voltage of less than 3V), but you should consult the data sheets to be sure.

Look here for more suggestions: How to Level Shift 5V to 3.3V | Random Nerd Tutorials

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Better approach is generally a diode in series with a pull-up resistor (or internal pull-up) on the input.

For additional protection:

Note: a level shifter is a 74HCT14 with two gates in tandem. Since you have six gates, this can offer three level shifting functions.

Not a "bidirectional level shifter". :worried:

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