How to initiate serial data out not using arduino ide

Hello all,

I am wanting to monitor the serial data via an outside serial monitor program. How do I go a out doing that? The program I am using wants the hex value for the command and all I'm aware of is control+shift+M to open serial comm. ASCII table doesnt show a value for the control and shift keys. I am using a pro mini board attached to an ftdi breakout board. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


By "outside serial monitor program" do you mean something like PuTTY?

If so just start the monitor program and point it to the correct COM port and it will receive data from the Arduino just like the Arduino Serial Monitor.

If not, explain your problem more clearly


The program I am using is called Tunerpro. Its an automotive tuning suite. I have it directed to the correct com port. When I attempt to initialize communication the ftdi tx led blinks 4 times then 3 times Then goes off and stays off. The pro mini board seems to enter serial mode, LEDs go off, then the mini comes back on. But still no data is being sent.

The serial port settings on the client application will need to match the settings on the Arduino.

It's common for clients to toggle DTR/RTS on opening a serial port, and this would usually cause the Arduino to reset. Make sure your design takes that into account.

As you may have guessed I know nothing about Tunerpro so perhaps you can explain what it does and what sort of interaction you expect it to have with your Arduino. The more detail the better.


Peter, when I test for connection using the tunerpro suite it runs a quick check, initializes communication, recognizes the connection but when I try to open the actual serial monitor to see the data displayed the LEDs attached to the mini turn off. If i retry the comm test it returns to normal state with LEDs on. At this point I'm sure its an issue with the tunerpro suite and not the board or my sketch as it will print data to the ide serial mo it or all day long.


Tunerpro is a program designed to "tune" automotive ecu's by altering the values of a .bin file. It includes a serial data monitor for viewing and logging data from the ecu. I'm building a transmission controller using the pro mini. My desire is to be able to view the data coming from the mini for "tuning" purposes. Like i mentioned above, I will have to figure out the required parameters the tunerpro needs in order to view the data stream as I believe that is my hurdle right now.

I appreciate everyone's help in this matter and when I get it figured out I'll post my solution.


Are you trying to use the Arduino as a substitute for an ECU?

If so, have you got the specifications for how an ECU communicates with Tunerpro so that you can make your Arduino do the appropriate things. Perhaps there is an initial handshaking process that Tunerpro expects?

You may need to disable the auto-reset feature of the Arduino so that it doesn't reset when the Tunerpro opens the serial connection.


Were on the same page Robin. When i get back home I'm gonna look into that.

It sounds as if your application is detecting that the serial port exists, but not actually opening it until you open the serial monitor. Opening it would probably cause the Arduino to reset (it's very common for applications to toggle RTS/DTR when opening the port) unless you inhibit that e.g. by a capacitor between reset and ground. If the serial port parameters were not consistent between the two end points, this would only be apparent when the port was opened and would result in the receiver receiving nothing, or garbage. If you have control over the serial port configuration used by the application, change it to match the Arduino settings. If not, change the Arduino to match whatever it is using.

Both port setting match between the mini and tunerpro. Im going to figure this out, im too stubborn not to. Serial comm is not my strong suit so its a definite hurdle. Its definitely related to tunerpro as I can open windows hyperterm and view the serial data there as well. If for some reason i cannot make this happen its not going to kill the project...but I'm going to give it the ol college try. Thank you Peter for your patience and assistance.