how to install a library on mac OS

I’m using mac OS LION to work with arduino but every time I download a new library I dont know how can I put it on libraries folder ond the easy way.
I came from linux and I have to say still prefer some things on linux but to fix my problem i’m using the console to copy the new library with the "sudo cp -R libraryname /Aplications/Arduino/content…
Is there a better way of doing this without the console?

  1. Right click on an Application Icon and select “Show Package Contents.” This will let you navigate the filesystem inside of an Application Bundle using Finder.

  2. You can put Arduino libraries in your home directory instead of the application bundle.
    Copy the library to /Users//Documents/Arduino/libraries
    cp whateverLibraryFolder ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries

Just make sure you restart the IDE after copying a library into that directory.

works perfectly Thanks