How to install aduino program into computer? Getting error codes alot. Help me!!

hello, my name is elliott. And ive been having trouble with istalling the adruino uno into my computer. When im in the probgaram and try to upload somthing to the board it says avrdud: sl-k500_getsync( ):not in sync: resp=0x30 avrdude:stk500_disable( ):protocol error, exept=0x41, resp=0x51 or it says avrdude: ser_sen( ): write error: Sorry no info avail Im and doing a project with arduino because im makeing a lol shield from jimmy p roger. And i have windows 7 64 bit. If someone can tell please what im doing wrong that would be great. Also right now im getting the second error the most. its only when the file goes corrupt is when i get the first. But please this is my first time ever with arduino and i spent about 100 dallors on this project. Im only 13 and i really want to get in the technology area/feild. So please if you can some one out there please help me. Thanks and have a great day. Elliott

You're on the right track. The Uno has in it a small program called a boot loader. Its the boot loader that accepts a program from your Windows 7 PC. The errors you report indicate that for some reason, that boot loader is not able to accept the program.

In the Arduino environment, check to make sure you have the correct Arduino type selected. Make sure you have the correct COM port selected. Make sure everything is hooked up correctly.

Thanks for the fast input. But how do i know if i have the right com or not?? im on com 3

Weres the aduriono eviorment. Sorry for these questions you might think are stuipd but this is my first time with arduino. And its been playing with me, all two days. By the way im hooking up a lol sheild with this aka lots of led shield so if you can help me some more that would be great. :D


I read your post, did you install the Arduino USB driver ? If not, please go to the Arduino site, download the USB driver for the Uno board and install in your computer. step 1.

When you connect a USB cable into the computer and Arduino, Windows wil give you a "sound", if you hear a "sound", that mean it is connect properly. When you connect a USB device for the first time, Windows will ask you to "setup" the new device - It simply what to tell the system where the USB driver is. step 2.

To confirm the installation , check under "My Computer" > Properties > Hardware >Device Manager and check the Ports to confirm the USB installation. step 3

In the Arduino IDE, select Tools > Board and select Uno, goto Tools > Serial Port > and select the port number from the Device Manager. step 4

Program the Arduino for some cool Led flashing by making a program ( blink the led on pin 13 ) and send to the Arduino. step 5

Have fun with you new hi-tech toy to make cool things with it. step 6

I hope that help. ( you can still ask Mom or Dad to help you - if they understand the technicals stuffs by the way )

on the computer it has everything but ports. When i plug in the board it says unknown devices and the arduino is there with a little ! next to it. Is there somthing wrong??

I followed you exact directions everything works until an error pops up saying avrdude: ser_sen ( ) : write error: sorry no info avail And at this point everyone else has given up so far other than one who stoped responding. Please help me with this problem.

Do you know how to get to the Windows device manager? If so, go there, and create a screen capture of it and post it for us. Expand all the COM ports.

how do i do capture thing??

lolsheildfun: how do i do capture thing??

Go to the device manager, open it up. Press the print screen key on your keyboard. That makes a copy of the screen in the clipboard. Start paint. Paste the image in. Save it. Post it for us here.

how do i get it in the post becuase when i copy and paste theres no past otion in reply?

When you are posting, click where it says "additional options". You'll see a browse button you can use to select the file from your hard drive.

Got it

Is there somthing wrong? Or is that the wrong photo.

As someone else suggested, it seems that you may not have the drivers installed. On the Arduino, there is a chip which interfaces your Arduino to your USB port (on your computer). In order for this to work you need to have drivers installed on your PC to make the USB port function like a COM (serial) port. Once you do that, when you plug the Arduino in, you will have a COM port. When you unplug the Arduino, the COM port will go away.

You need to install the Windows 7 drivers, either 32 or 64 bit. Usually this happens when you install your Arduino environment.

No matter, you can find them here:

You said you have Windows 7. Go to that link, scroll down to the table. Decide if you have 32 or 64 bit Windows, then install the correct set of drivers. Let us know how you make out. I have to run out for 30 minutes or so, then I'll be back and look for an update.

when i download the windows 64 bit a little red circle pops up in icons. And then when i double click a rectangular black screen goes up scrolling with words and then says installation complete. After that nothing else happens. Am i doing somthing wrong?

I need help install the driver link that you gave me. Please help me. Im really getting mad. =( =( :~ :cold_sweat: :0

I need help. Can you help me please??

Does the device manager indicate that you have any COM ports installed at this point?

No, im wodering what i need to download becuase i get this setup and i install it and nothing else happens. Or the cmd setup I run it a little black screen with alot of stuff scrolls through. It says installation complete, then i look in device manager and no com stuff is there. Ive even tryined pluging in my arudino it just says unkown device, ( wich is my arduino). Can you please help me.?? Im sorry for all of these questions its just im new to this world.