How to install: Bouni/Arduino @


I have found a solution to deal with 9bits serial communication called:

Bouni/Arduino @

I have downloaded and unzipped the files but cant find any file to use to install the arduino 1.5.x or run it.

Ill be glad to be helped.


Kjartan Iversen

The modified file is 2 years old so there's a possibility it won't work with newer versions of the Arduino IDE so give it a try and then if there's an issue you can try it with older IDE versions or merge Buoni's modifications( with the current HardwareSerial.cpp.


Thanks for your advice; with your help I sorted it out.

The new files works well for 1.6.9 :slight_smile:

I thought I was smart putting some old and the original library files in a subfolder to the libraryfolder.
This messed up everything when trying to compile the sketch.
After moving the subfolder to another location away from arduino folders every worked fine.

So now Im using serial with 9bits data :slight_smile: