How to install the nightly build?

OK, it is simple enough to go back to an earlier version of the IDE, and I have downloaded the latest nightly. I don't see an installer file - do I just copy the entire directory structure to my hard drive folder for the IDE or where does it go?

Basically, How do I install the nightly build? I do not see any guidance on that on the site.

The board vendor said that there were issues that were corrected for the Tau, so I want to try it.


I just use it as an "unzipped" version

Unzip it to a folder of your making or choice. Then set up a shortcut to the application and run it from that.

Not much to it

You may also have to agree to let it access the internet and do any lib updates etc.

Depending on how you were set up it may pick up your previous preferences too so check those are what you want.