How to integrate 'Fastest' and' ADXL3xx' circuits

Hi All,

I am a newbie and looking to build a reaction timer combined with an accelerometer (to measure speed and power of a punch ultimately).

I have an Arduino Uno Starter Kit which I will build this circuit:

And have bought an ADXL335 which i want to also integrate into this circuit but I'm not sure how i connect both the push buttons (actually i will only use one for my project to 'stop' the timer) and the accelerometer as they both take up the analogue pins?

Once built i will attempt to play with both sketches and combine them, then cross my fingers tightly.

Any help would be appreciated.


Being new... Why not start and learn how to do simple things like reading a button, blinking an LED?

@Railroader, yes I have done some basic projects and followed some of the starter projects in the kit.