how to integrate header files and source code files into duimilanove

hello guys im am working on a very important project and ive found out a way to connect the wii remote to the arduino using a host shield. now when i went to the link i downloaded the codes now this codes have header files and source code files which i have no idea how to use can someone please look at this codes and help me integrate it to an arduino duimilanove ATmega328. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Which files are you talking about exactly?

the files im talking about are from the github link i posted and when you download it it comes in different files that are both source code files and header files. the problem im having is that those files are in c or c++ language(not sure) but when i try to copy and paste those codes into the arduino duiminalove ATMEGA328 compiler program it keeps telling me error compiling or other problems can you please help me with that?
thank you

Now you have three threads going on the same topic. You are more likely to get consistent relevant answers if you stick to one thread. Some of the people with the answers to your questions may be so put off by the cross posts that they may not respond at all.