how to integrate the velocity equation into a code

My coding group is trying to code something that counts how many times the velocity of an accelerometer reaches 0. And then code a buzzer to sound when it reaches a specific number. We know we need to imbed the equation for velocity in our loop and have coded the buzzer but are trouble shooting the counting mechanism. If anyone knows or has done something similar to this, help would be very appreciated! (7.2 KB)

Something like this, maybe :) :

***pseudo code***

int currentAcc, lastAcc, counter;

void loop()
  get(currentAcc); // read current value
  if(currentAcc != lastAcc) // if different
    if(currentAcc == 0)
      counter++; // add 1
      lastAcc = currentAcc; // make same
    if(counter >= 10) // if 10 or more

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So, you need to count the number of times that the velocity becomes zero after not having been zero before.

You might want a little hysteresis in this, too.