How to interface an RC with an Arduino.


I got an RC car for Christmas and I want to hack it a bit.

How can I can I make the RC talk to Arduino ?
Can I control an RC car with Arduino ?
Where do I get started ?

You could interface the remote to your arduino. It completely depends on what you want to do with it and what the car contol interface is like.
People often just use their RC car chassis and completely replace the control board with an arduino.

I think where you get started is deciding what you want to do with it.


Thanks for the advice mowcius

I was thinking I could control the RC car from Arduino.
I guess I should open up the controller and find a way to connect it to Arduino.

If I can get arduino to drive the car a bit that would be great!

Any hints on how I go about doing that ?

You can open up the controller and see what it is like. If it just has buttons for movement/speed then you could control them through transistors. If not then you might be able to hack some part if it. There are so many variations on what it could be like there is not a lot else I can say…

Annoyingly the stuff I was hoping to get for my RC car conversion from sparkfun free day I missed out on so it’ll be a few weeks at least before I get to do anything interesting with mine :frowning:


I won one of these with the guys at work for Christmas:

I'll have a lok and see what can be done.

Ok, the controller will probably be pretty easy to interface with. They usually have a few speeds but don't use a potentiometer, they normally run contacts along some tracks. You could connect up to those contacts with transistors and drive the transistors with the arduino.

It may be more complicated than that but mine looked similar.