How to interface aurdino mega with a megohmmeter with RS232

hey guys,

I need your help over interfacing a device (Danbridge db602) megohmmeter with aurdino.
this meghommeter has only two interfacing options, i.e. IEEE and RS232.
I wanted to interface it using RS232 .

in this i just need aurdino to send a trigger signal to megohmmeter and device reads the Insulation resistance of the DUT (device Under Test) connected to it . acccording to the measurement it will returns appropriate bin no.

manual of megohmmeter

i am new to RS232 comm_n please help me.

First get your hands on RS232 communication, for that you can use Serial Monitor of Arduino and can print / receive some data.

Once get your hands on it then try interfacing your sensor with Arduino.

Serial is a serial port object. Go through all of the commands with serial object and you can use the ready made codes in the example tab.