how to interface cc2500 xbee/rf pair with arduino

hi, i have cc2500 high speed rf pair. i got it from . i cant make working communication link between the two arduino boards using them. is there any library is needed for communication? i am a newby to arduino. please explain me what to do?

nslelectronics appears to be either misinformed or lying. The cc2500 is NOT an XBee.

ok. leave that zigbee/rf discussion. tell me a way to interface that rf module for arduino to arduino communication.

What have you tried? What problems are you having?

Why did you buy that particular module? Support seems to be nonexistent for it, on that site. The "datasheet" is useless sales crap.

Hai Dear ,

I want to send some data to LPC2148 to LPC2148 by using above CC2500 Module.

I Got dought wether i have to use SPI or UART INterface ?

Please help me

hi, its very simple........ use UART

give +5V and gnd to the Xbee pin

connect arduino tx (IC pin 3) -------------xbee tx arduino rx (IC pin 2) -------------xbee rx

set the speed at 9600 and tranmit data/............................

do the same at other end as well..,,,,,, :)