How to Interface CTB Encoder with Arduino

Hello All,
I would like to interface the CE9-2500-0L rotary encoder with arduino. Any idea how can it be done?
attached herewith the picture. I dont have much idea about encoders.
help with pin connection along with test code. will be appreciated.


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Please post a link to the datasheet for your encoder.


I tried to find the datasheet on google, but not able to find it, I have sent an email to manufacturer if they can provide it.
As it has 8 wires in total

0V (GND)

is something which can be done with the above info?

I've tried to interface it with Arduino UNO, A & B is giving reading while working on CW or CCW. but I am not sure how to use Z in it.
I have attached A with pin 2 and B with pin 3 using interrupts on change.

what need to be get the data of Z? I attached in with pin 4 and try to read it in loop if its get changed on some point, but it not seems working.

Any help?


Maybe the Z connection produces one pulse per revolution - so you can tell when a full revolution has been completed?


Thanks robin yes its gives one pulse / rev.