How to interface two arduinos with a computer in between

Hello Arduino Community,

I just wanted a general idea of how I would setup an arduino1 ( with wii nunchucks and two led's) to control another arduino2 (with servos and sensors) and finally arduino2 would send sensory input to be displayed on the computer (with labview GUI), the arduino2 would then relay the sensor information back to the arduino1 flashing led's when the sensors touched an object. I hope this isn't confusing, and any input would be appreciated.


Well, there are quite a few ways that you could do it. But if you want to make it easy for yourself, just use serial. I would use arduino2's hardware serial to send data to the computer, then set up software serial between the two arduino's for their communication. Of course this is assuming real speed is not required (which it most often isn't) as text parsing and baudrates eat quickness for breakfast if not done right, but if not this would definitely work and be quite simple to implement.

Thanks for replying, sorry for asking but because I'm such a beginner could you elaborate on how I would do this. EXplain how the software serial would interface.

Sorry for the delay, but you can go here for a reference on software serial:

Basically I would just have arduino2 print some text to the serial and arduino1 would read and interpret it. If you want to flash an LED, perhaps arduino2 would send an 'f', and arduino1 would read this, and begin flashing the LED, something like that.

Thanks For all the help