How to join Arduino ??

Dear ones,

I am Shridatt Dudhat. I have completed B.E. Power Electronics in 2014. I'm interested in Micro controllers, and I want to join Arduino Community for further innovations.

Please tell me how can join arduino.

Shridatt Dudhat

It looks like you just did join the community. Welcome. It's time to go out and buy a couple of Arduinos now, and perhaps a starter kit with various components, and books about Arduino are good to have. Arduino Uno is good to start with.

Please tell me how can join arduino.

You're almost there. You still have to do the initiation ritual.

You must stand on your head and make a video of yourself repeating these words 3 times and post the video here.

"Ohwa Taygoo Siam"

Seriously though, you're here. Being on the forum is about as "joined up" as you can get. Time to make something cool and show it off.

Well, two things really.

  • Buy some Arduinos. Start making things. Make LEDs flash.

  • When you have difficulty figuring out how to do things, ask questions here.
    Interfacing to power electronics is a substantial challenge. Presumably though, it was a major part of your degree anyway.

more rituals :

you must post only some of your code and not post the important parts. [ not enough information to help ]


you must post your whole code without code tags . [ this makes us unhappy ]


Honestly, we will tell you to please read this :,148850.0.html

and please, to become a favored member, read #6 and #7

then, our new friend you will have our help when you ask for it.

And don't forget to pay lots of money into my bank account.......... :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No answer for over 24 hours.

I think we have cowed him. :grinning:

Some folks just don't make it through the hazing process.