How to kill a process after uploading a sketch through the IDE?

I have a sketch that uses the Parse library (see The sketch uses the Parse push service (Parse.startPushService(); ).

However, when uploading a new sketch, the current 'parse_push' process on the Yun starts using a high amount of CPU, blocking the execution of the new sketch. Apparently, this process is not terminated properly when a new sketch is uploaded.

How can I run a script (e.g. 'killall parse_push') after an upload of a new sketch through the IDE?

When I manually execute this command, the new sketch starts running.

Thanks for your help.

Parse library has two packages:

parse-embedded_1.0.1-1_ar71xx.ipk parse-embedded-yun_1.0.1-1_ar71xx.ipk

source code:


Test latest packages ( 5 days ago)

or drop a line at github to ask 'killall parse_push' at start up include at source code.