How to know I am buying a genuine product?

Hello. My first three stupid questions of the day...

Are genuine Arduino products sold on eBay? (The few I have seen have been knock offs.) If not, where should I buy from, that will ship abroad to me in Southeast Asia? How do I know I am buying a genuine product?

There are a couple on Ebay that sell genuine based Arduinos with the correct USB chips but you do have to ask very specifically before placing an order.

I think SainSmart is one of them (or at least were) the prices are a little higher for the REAL THING in practice.

Lots will ship to Asia with a verified account.

This question is in the ARDUINO 101 BOARD section and is product specific. Is it a 101 you are looking to purchase ?

Another clue is to look at the pictures of the board they supply.

Here is some help

First, thanks for the fast replies!

Ballscrewbob: Is it a 101 you are looking to purchase ?

It was a "nano 3" that I was advised to buy?

For starters, I want to control fans in a greenhouse. Turning them on and off, depending on the temperatures.

If that project works out okay, I want to expand to others for my aquaponics system.

Hmmm if its a greenhouse you may want to spend a little more and get a "ruggedised" Arduino. They cost a little more but somebody did a gardening project where the Arduinos were getting trashed by lightening spikes and these seemingly solved the issue. Of course there are other ways to make them more robust.

Another thing to consider is the length of wires and type of wire from an Arduino to any sensors. This should always be as short as possible and if not possible then using properly SHIELDED cable.

Power supplies are also a key factor in these types of environment too.

But for an on the bench test setup pretty much any Arduino will do the job.

My preference would be a UNO with maybe a relay shield to simplify it all.

Thank you, very much. I will start with links and information you have provided.