How to know that my USB Host Shield is working properly

Hello Forum,

I am quite new to Arduino programming. I have a Arduino UNO and KEYES USB Host Shield, I am trying to connect the USB Host Shield to My PlayStation 4 Controller. It worked for a when i tested a few days back. But recently i tried again it wouldn’t work, I would like to ask if there are other ways to test whether the USB port of the shield can be tested with other methods in order to confirm that if it is working or not?

The library i used for the test : GitHub - felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0: Revision 2.0 of USB Host Library for Arduino.

PS: while i used it a few days back i didn’t smell anything funny, soo… im guessing the board is not burn? plus the other i/o ports on the usb host shield is working fine. i just have trouble connecting the controller via usb.

I would really appreciate your help. thanks in advance!

PS: while i used it a few days back i didn't smell anything funny, soo.. im guessing the board is not burn?

The lack of smelling burning means absolutely nothing. A device has many ways to fail that do not involve excessive heat.

It is most likely that something has changed in your setup rather than your device is damaged. Run the example applications that came with your shield to see if they still work. If not there is not much you can do without test equipment or buying another shield.