How to know the Web clients' mac or ip?

Hi, I am new here, I am using an Ethernet Shield to build an Arduino web server, I want to know who is connecting on the server right now. Can I get the clients' information such as mac address or ip? I read all the information from the client.available(), there is only information about the browser, and I don't think it can determine the client.

I know there is a link, it use a revised "Ethernet" library to get the client ip.

Is there any official library or any way to determine different clients?

Thank you

Unfortunately, there is no official way. I use my own code to determine the remoteIP of the client. The code on the link you provided is pretty close to what I use.

Strange, I remember creating code for that like a year ago and posting it on the Forum, have you looked it up? Me and Robtillart had commented on that thread.

I think that everyone that needs the incoming IP has copied the idea from that thread in some form or other. It turn out to be relatively easy to implement and works fine. There some confusion over the mac address since that can change depending on forwarding and such, but the code works.

I 'heard' that they finally included it in version 1 of the IDE, but I won't go to that for quite a while; I've added too much to some of the libraries to customize them to my purposes to want a major porting effort.

If the remote host is not on your LAN (easy to determine using your IP, remote IP, and netmask), then you cannot get the other hosts' MAC address. You can get [u]a[/u] MAC address, but it's the address of your router, not the remote host.