How to learn EE and Arduino

Hello everyone, Just I turned on a led using Arduino for the first time. I am not electronic guy, I want to do very simple example of each common instruments(capasitor, speaker, potantiameter, LCD etc) in arduino and learn it how it works. Therefore, Can anyone please answer me:

  1. Am I doing write way to learn both EE concept and learning Arduino?
  2. If yes, Can you please provide me the list of the devices so that I buy it in once and I save both my time and money?
  3. if not, what is the better way to learn? because, when I see in youtube examples, I always, miss one of the element, so I cannot go through it

Please consider me as a very novice user.

Thanks :)

Why don't you buy a kit? That's what I've done. Try one of Arduino's kits. I bought the Sparkfun Inventors Kit. It's got good sample circuits to learn on.

Start here:- lots of projects to do.

Thanks for reply, I have Arduino Uno starter kit. Therefore, I want to get additional parts, I am really confused?

Thanks Grumpy_Mike, I started from same link you sent me, in AnalogReadSerial, I missed Potentiometer, therefore, I could not implement it, Spark kit may solve most of my problems. However, however, as I asked before, am I following the right way or not?

am I following the right way or not?

Yes doing those examples is a good way to learn. The best way is that after you have done each one you think how it could act slightly differently, then make the change to the code to to this. In this way you will learn to be in control of what you are doing and not just following what some one else has done.

thanks for all kind suggestions

There are good tutorials on lady ada's site, all the parts you need are listed at the beginning of each tutorial. Inspect all of those tutorials for parts, make a list, go buy. You can save money by doing that.


in my footer is a link for (I really like this site)

also Jeremy Blum tutorials are nice too…

(out side of the Arduino & Ladyada tuts already mentioned)


not sure where you are from but I collect my ‘components’ form all over…



usually i go to ebay for

resistor, capacitor, led, potentiometer kits… in various sizes/ranges…
(both in lead and smd types)

I also go there for many Ardiuno specific hardware… like RFID reader/writers…
LCD screens
uSD breaout boards
proximity/distance sensors…

or jumper wires male/male, female/female & male/female types

7-segment LEDS are also fun to have/play with…

and this may start to lead you down the path of learning about other chips that are used in conjunction with your Arduino to expand the things you are learning…

usually driver chips… and other odd components

MAX7219/MAX7221 chips for driving many leds… in a matrix type set-up
voltage regulators 5v & 3.3v ones!
LM386 amps

Google is a good source for electronic learning materials, just add the word tutorial in the component search box. Lots of info turns up, like the search for "multimeter tutorial" below.